Feb 24, 2024 | | Technology Evolution

5 tips to get your company's digital transformation started

by Eniola Alli-Ayodele


Want to change your business for the better with new technology but don’t know where to begin? See 5 tips to get your company's digital transformation started 

1. identify your Goals- You need to ask what you really want to achieve from your digitalization efforts and your transformation journey.

There needs to be a clear link between the overall company strategy and the digital transformation journey

2. Identify your Strengths and Weaknesses- Before digitalizing your processes, you need to identify existing processes that work and those that don't.

Digitalization typically fails when weak processes are digitized meaning that the weaknesses of the past will carry over after your digital transformation is complete.

Instead, you want to optimize the weak processes before beginning your digital transformation.

3. Create Your Technical Roadmap- Most organizations simply don't find that one single solution that is going to solve all their problems.

Typically, it's a multitude of different technologies and tools, and you need a clear roadmap for how to tie all those solutions together

4. Organizational Change Management- The employees are the ones truly implementing digital into the operation.

Explaining what you’re doing, to the end users of the new tools is one of the key steps to success. It will help workers see how digitalization will make their lives easier.

Empower them to work in new ways don't "just throw them in there"

5.Dont go in All At Once Run a Pilot project. Many times, companies change too many things too fast. And that often leads to failure, high costs, and even skepticism about digital technology.

Identify the main processes and communications you want to digitize. Launch a pilot project. Evaluate its results and adjust. Involve one business unit at a time. And then keep expanding.

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