About Us

A sustainable innovation hub that continuously create value for clients.

Excite Panacea Limited (EPL) is an Information system hub setup to transform ideas and business challenges in emerging markets into fit for purpose solutions.

Our comparative advantage lies in our appreciation of these core elements:

  • The evolving and emerging business terrain

  • Ability to marry industry best practices with value added innovations

  • Our human capital

Our objectives include:

Value Driven Services

To provide reliable and value driven services to clients even in relatively inconvenient environments.

Local Competence

To Build strong in-country development and maintenance capabilities and an equally strong onsite implementation capability.

Customer Satisfaction

To accurately identify and satisfy the ever-evolving needs of our customers.

Friendly Environment

Foster a work environment based on teamwork and a can-do spirit to offer innovative technologies, products and services.


Our Structure

Excite Panacea Limited is made up of three sub business units: Platform development, Managed Services and Solutions Consultancy. Through group synergies, EPL aim to offer superior services which are centered on giving clients exactly what they need.

The integration of all disciplines and departments is managed through frequent Project Coordination meetings and through a Leadership Committee headed by the Managing Director. Status reviews and strategic and financial approval processes are managed through regular Project Management Committee (PMC) meetings and/or frequent reports to the Board of Directors of project Special Purpose Vehicles.

An Advisory committee of experts in various relevant fields provides high level strategic advice for selected project areas. Policies and procedures, in particular with regard to procurement, leasing and sales, customer relationship management and safety follow best practice and apply various layers of corporate governance.

What we do

Platform Development

We are in the business of creating great experience hence we use people orientated development framework which ensures collaborative participation between systems, tools and intended users.

Managed Services

At EPL, we believe every successful organisation must deliver on two fronts - focus on the core business and engage specialist who are trusted to deliver results. Information and Communication Systems help businesses function effectively and managing them is our expertise.

Solutions Consulting

We understand clients preference for a one-stop shop model in an attempt to reduce the number of suppliers engaged in any project. Our Consultancy Services adopts strategies aimed at ensuring EPL’s involvement at all stages of a client’s project.

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